Choosing The Right AV Company For Your Event

Every aspect of your next event is important. Be sure you choose the right company for your needs. Here are a few guidelines;

Equipment- Make sure your AV provider is up to date on the latest equipment. Ask for a demo in their warehouse so you can see some of the technology are capable of. Companies that stay on top of the latest trends, know what to use, and what not to use. These companies try out new products and test them time and time again.

Crew: Make sure your AV company has the right crew. The best equipment in the world is worthless to you if you don't have a crew that can operate the equipment properly and safely. Ask questions about the crew's training and experience. Check out the company’s certifications. Most companies love to brag about this. Verify that this information is correct. The last thing that you want is a crew that cannot meet the quality and standards that you are looking for.

Budget: Don't make it a secret. Share it. Any reputable company will work with your budget to show you your options and how it relates to your show. Honest and principle centered companies will help you use your budget to create the best show possible. Be honest with yourself, don't expect to get a multi-screen, technology driven show with a rockstar speaker, on a shoestring budget. Your AV provider should help you understand the costs associated with your event.

ASK AROUND: This is a must. You need to ask other professional in the AV business about the provider that you plan on using. Check out the references and experience of the provider. Look into the owners or the major stockholders, of the company. Make sure they have the experience that will skyrocket your event into the clouds.

Expectations: This by far is the most important. Make sure you share your expectations with your AV provider. Communication is the number #1 reason why events are not as successful as they can be. Misunderstandings between you and your AV provider can be disastrous. Bring pictures, napkin sketches and other videos that can show them what you are looking for. It is important that your AV provider takes these suggestions into consideration. This will aid in determining if these ideas will fit into your budget. It's a two way street: help them, help you.

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