Everybody Knows Somebody

In our industry, we get hired and fired every day. You are only as good as your last job. How can you overcome this stigma? How do you we build a better reputation for good quality work and dodge the egotistical minds of some major players out there? How can you get a fighting chance in this industry?

Everybody in the business knows somebody in the business. I know it sounds simple but, in our fast paced industry we don't have time for people who can't perform. Sanctioned incompetence is cancer on any show or project and it needs to be quickly eliminated. I will save that topic for another discussion. However, what about the people who are awesome? The ones that perform their job flawlessly? How can we assure that they will not get their name trampled through the dirt? The best advice that I can give to get around this is to do your best work, be on time and stay true to your word.

“Shut your mouth!”, I apologize for being so blunt but, this is more true than ever. Testimonials and recommendations are the lifeblood of the entertainment industry. Believe it or not, bad shows can happen. People can drop the ball on one task which can cause a ripple effect all the way down the chain. But, if someone asks about how your last show went: BE HONEST. If you don’t know all of the details of that “Bad Show”: keep your mouth shut. You can do more damage than you think by giving incorrect details. By all means, be honest but, be true. Gossip can be a cancer to any team or individual. At my company, we do not tolerate gossips. They are fired on the spot. No questions asked. If the other person cannot be in the room to validate negative feedback then walk away from the conversation. It’s just that easy.

No. This is not a typo. No is a complete sentence. When you are working you must remember that “No” means “No”. Don't let people take advantage of you. Know your limits and make sure your client knows your expectations and vice versa. Otherwise, they will get as much out of you as possible and then throw you to the side. Make sure you stand your ground. Now this doesn't give you the right to be hard to work work with. Be a team player, we all have to play nicely in the sandbox together.

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