UGC - User Generated Content Can Help Boost Your Next Event.

More attendees are turning into storytellers, everyone wants to be heard or seen. The invention of the smartphone has allowed everyone to think that they are a reporter. So, why are we not using more User Generated Content in our events?

User Generated content can enrich your event by bringing it up to the next level and connecting with attendees. It makes them feel like they are part of the show. Social interactions with your brand is a proving way to expand your brand. These social interactions can influence other people to engage with your event. The trend of User Generated Content is growing with candid photos, videos and other mentions on the social platform. You can use this content, generated at your event, and incorporate it into your presentation.

Allowing User Generated content to shape the presentation allows users to move away from text based conversations to media rich environments. These environments can allow for technologies like a social media wall with hashtags and photos from and during your special event. The social media wall can can be used to create a digital photo mosaic that is then projected onto the main entry or large lettering at the entrance to your event. These are just a few ideas how User Generated content can boost your event to next level. Social interaction and User Generated content can be used in a non visual way too. Using information extracted from your attendees engagement, data can be interpreted into visual effects that can be used to trigger video, audio and even lighting effects as well...

Customer focused brands are now on the rise and it's important for companies to keep up with this change. Their audience trends are changing and staying in front of this change is important. Many event attendees attention span is already very limited and it is important to keep the attention of your attendee before it gets snatched away by something else, or worse another brand.

Let Pixel Density share with you how you too can integrate User Generated content to enhance your client's next event. Reach out to one of our Project Specialists to chat more about how to enhance your brand.

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