Don't Be a Seagull

Why do you think it's important to surround yourself with smarter people than you?

Some people are intimidated by individuals that are brighter than they are. Some people think that being the loudest in the room makes you the smartest. Some leaders even fly into a room, crap on everything and then fly away. Don't be a seagull.

Build a team around you who help share the common “why”. Why do you think Herb Kelleher was so successful with Southwest Airlines? Or Bill Gates with Microsoft? It's because they had a team around them that believe in their “why”.

The majority of people buy on emotion, then justify their purchase later. Why do you think the car salesman wants you to take a test drive? Why do you think Steve Jobs and Wozniak sold so many iPods? Its because they shared their “why”. Put 1000 songs in your pocket; is why Apple was so successful with iPod sales even though they were not the first to market.

Your clients want to get to know why they should purchase from you. Our company offers event production services but that is not why our customers buy from us. They buy from us because they understand and can relate to our “why”. Our services are just a byproduct of our extreme passion for the entertainment industry.

Your WHY is your bigger picture. It's the reason you wake up every morning. It's the reason you come into your office and it's the reason why your team supports you.

This is my challenge to you for 2019: Take some time to really dig in and find your purpose or “why”. I know it's difficult, but take a minute and take a 30,000 foot picture of yourself and determine your why. It will help you to live an intentional life; your clients and team members may even start to see you in a new light.

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